Edens post about speeches week 7

Kia ora my name is Eden and I am in Whanau 18.Today I am going to be telling you about Whanau 17 & 18’s speeches. We have had a journey with our speeches and we had to hurry or else we wouldn’t be able to trial for TAKP finals.

Once we had finished our speeches, we had to share them to the classroom. Then Mrs K had a tough choice on who would go in the TAKP finals from Whanau 18. So last week on Friday Mrs K made her choice up. She choose me (Eden) and Sofia Arlund. Sofia and I were off to the TAKP speech finals. We were going up against really hard people, so it was a challenge for us. Only one year five and one year six could make it into the Mount Cluster speeches. Whaea Sharron, Matua Rod and Whaea Emily chose Sarah(Room 16) and I to represent Te Akau Ki Papamoa.

On Wednesday, Sarah and I had the Mount Cluster speeches. We went up against St Thomas More, Papamoa, Tahatai, Mount Primary, Omanu, and Golden Sands. The judges names were called Bonnie,and Flether. They took like an hour to figure out who would be in the Western Bays. I was nervous but I didn’t need to be nervous because I made it into the Western bays.

Danielle and Alex’s News Report

On Wednesday the 21st of June we went to the Makerspace.

First Whaea Paula made us sit down on the mat.Then she read a book called, “Beautiful Oops!” It is about turning mistakes into art. An example is you can turn a ripped peice of paper into a crocodiles mouth.

Then we got to pick a station to work at. One of the stations are Makey Makey. It is where you have to get a fruit, then you plug cables into it. We used a lemon. Then you can make it be the mouse for the computer. We could also make a mask out of bottles and anything you can find. We could make a optical mind reading box that gets hung by nylon in a Macbook air box. You can also get a peice of paper and cut out shapes from a magazine and then write what you are on it. It was the funnest day ever I cant wait to go next Thursday again!

Welcome Whanau 17&18!

Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome Room 17 and 18 to an exciting year with Whaea Hayley and Mrs K. We are super excited to start our year and have a number of very exciting events lined up to support our learning. This week, we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and to hear all about your summer break. See you all tomorrow! 😀