The short school week.

Hi it’s Aurelia and Connor here,giving you this weeks News Report. This week we had a short week and we are now in week 2 term 4 this year as gone really fast and next year we will all be year 6. We have just gotten back from the school holidays and we have had Monday off school because it was labour day.On Tuesday room 17 18 went to Papamoa  library at 9:00 it can take about 15 minutes to walk over there with 67 of us and five parents.When we get to the library we all go down to the mat we have 20 minutes to look for some books.Did you know that you can get books out with no library card all you need to do is make a password and put in your pin code it is as simple as that.Going to the library with the class is fun we get fresh air and learn the ways of how to walk on the footpath with 66 different people sometimes it can take forever to walk there and back again we miss out on most of morning tea but thats fine with us all. When we got back from the library it was morning  tea time and everyone was running around like little lambs.After the bell rang room 17 had P.E and room 18 stayed inside and did spelling for half the block and then we all changed around then it was lunch time all the seniors went out to play and the years 1,2,3 all ate there lunch you are probably wondering why it is like this and it is because we are nearly reaching 700  kids.After lunch we did some of our Diwali chase we have been working on some chase and they  are all about the world because for KFC the topic this term is around the world there’s Korea Japan Spanish, wear able arts and sign langauge this week we are starting KFC After lunch we had topic and we had to find facts about Diwali if you don’t know what Diwali is it’s  a festival that is celebrated by all of India.Then after the bell rang everyone ran out of the class with there bag out the gate and home.On Wednesday we had a  plan day all we did was maths reading and topic.On Thursday we just had a plan day and all of the same stuff.On Friday we had a busy day we had homework ,choir free time and KFC.It was Macy’s birthday and so she brought in some lollies.

Jacob and Shaquille’s News Report

Hi my name is Shaquille and my name is Jacob. We are doing news reporter this week. We are going to talk about what we did in the class room.

On Wednesday and Tuesday we learnt how to tell the time on and analog watch, we had to complete to work sheets and after we did PE. For PE we did net ball with Matua Paul. We learnt how to pass while pivoted. For Inquiry the whole class is doing a question on Wairakei. I am currently making a book creator.

KP and Matthew D’s News Report

This week we have been learning about the Wairakei stream every day in the afternoon we learn about Wairakei. Every week we go to different classes to learn new things about Wairakei stream. (KP) For my class we did our wonderings about Wairakei that is when we ask questions about the stream here is one of my questions what does the Wairakei stream do to the world? What kind of creatures live in the Wairakei stream? Why is the water so dirty? What is the purpose of wairakei stream? Why do people litter in the stream? How did the water get there in the first place? (Matthew) In my class we went for a walk in the reserve with our iPads and we took some photos then we came back and had a look at our photos.  We put them in to a pic collage once we were done we did a pizap and did some questions one of my questions is the stream natural or man made? How clean is the water? How still is the water? We are excited to learn more about Wairakei this term!

Helena and Maia’s News Report

Hello everyone,
This week our whanau 17/18 went to the Art Gallery and the Library. We got on the bus an amused our selfs by singing songs. We finally arrived but before we went into the Art Gallery we went to the library. A library worker came out and read us a book called Maybe Something Beautiful. It was about a little girl who has a colourful heart and loves painting and colouring everything. After that we went outside and looked at street art. One of the pieces of street art was a girl named Maddison. She had words around her and numbers. Then we had morning tea. We played on the playground. Then we went to the Art Gallery. We saw some tui’s and we saw Maddison again. An Art Gallery person came and told us about the paintings. After that we had a question the question was if you look at Madison and the tui paintings what can you see that are the same things on the big nursery rhyme painting. The answer was the tui in the magnifying glass and Maddison’s glasses. Then we went up stairs and looked at  a weird but cool looking painting on plastic and when you went to the end of it you could see a woman with blue flowers all over her. After that we saw a painting that looked like a song was flowing slowly around the room it was beautiful that painting was made by Lucy McLauchlan. Sadly it was time to go back to school so we hopped on the bus and left.

By Helena and Maia

Cameron and Kingston’s News Report

Last week on Friday Whaea Hayley took her KFC group to cross fit alliance. We did a fitness session [warm up] at first, and then we got in to it. We did some workouts as in stretch, push ups and others. There is an orange square right by the weights and if you moan or complain then you will go in that square. In the square you do as many burpies as  much as you can, Until Chas says stop. Chas is Whaea Hayley’s trainer, he was the owner of the cross fit alliance. He trained our KFC group and some of the parents that came along with our trip to the cross fit alliance. After we climbed up the ropes and climbed up as far as we could except some people but atleast they tried like me [Kingston].

From me [Kingston] and Cameron

Vinnie and Mitchell’s News Report Week 6

Today on the 7th of June we had mount clusters (cross country) where the top five year 4, 5 and 6 long distance runners from each school go and race and compete at Blake Park. Our track was between 1.5 and 2.5kms. First up was year 4 girls, then year 4 boys, then year 5 girls, and then us! Two people in our school placed top 7 which means they go to WBOP’s in 2 weeks. Those people are me (Vinnie) and Taine. We ran our hardest and are really proud of efforts.

By Mitch and Vinnie

Isabella and Nicola’s News Report – Week 5 Term 2

This week Rebecca Larsson the author of row row row your waka came into our class on Wednesday the 31st of may. She told us her journey about she made her fiction book. It must of took a lot persevering and patience because it took her half a year to make it! First she got inspired by a waka in Rotoroa for the bird’s waka, the ten cent coin for the taniwha, and goodnight kiwi for a page. Second she started drawing her pictures for her book, her first picture was the three birds (a kiwi, pukeko, and blue penguin) looking up at the stars. Then she met up with the man who was the author who made the wonky donkey. Then, to record the CD they went to Wellington and they went to a recording room. When they were recording it was all boys singing the song for the CD. She said you put a lot of hard work when you make a book but its also really fun. I hope you liked our news report and everyyone can be an author!

By Isabella and Nicola

Neeve and Nicole’s News Report

Yay last weeks attendance was amazing in Rm 17. Matua Tane presented Mauis fish hook two us.
We only get the fish hook if our attendance is the best. At hui in week 2 rm 4 got the hook.
Our class is proud to be having the fish hook with us for the week till friday then Matua Tane will give to to another classroom. In hui matua mania dressed up as maui from moana some people thought it would be the rock.He then presented it to matua tane and talked about how it would travel class to class.

Today it was cross country people were nervous excited and determind to beat there best. Year 4 boys went first then year 4 girls after the year 4s had been it was year 5 boys then us. We had a warm up then line up. As soon as the the clapper went and everything was a blur we ran like lightning round the course through the mud splosh splish round the paddock and onto the gravel path we all sprinted our hearts out when we came to the dark black fence we all new this was our chance to run to the end. after morning tea the year 1s,2s and 3s went. after that we had prizes giving in the year 5 top places was Lucca in 3rd in 2nd place was Eden then in 1st place was Sophie. in the boys was 3rd finley 2nd Tanie 1st was Vinnie.

Alexis and Aurelia’s News Report Week 2 Term 2


On Tuesday the second of May Whanau 17 and 18 walked to the Papamoa Libary, for the second time.  the first time we went was last Term and we used our Libary cards for the first time. We had to be careful because we were crossing roads. when we finally got there it was still closed. Some of the books we got were Judy Moody, All about big cats, Mr.P’s book of bad ideas and The super chef contest.


On Tuesday we had market day, the top three were Izzy, Camron and Riley. Izzy had $1005 he brought $800. Some of the things that were for sale were lollies, money, stationery and lots of other crazy toys. I got some easter eggs and Alexis got $400 and a lolliepop and a pencil. On Monday afternoon we wrote down what we wanted and how much it is we were going to have it at the end of the term.


On the 3rd of may we had a special visiter called Jan Goldie(sofia’s mum) . she is a published author. she taught us about what it takes to be a author and she also read us a bit of her awesome book. we were all inspired about what she said.