The short school week.

Hi it’s Aurelia and Connor here,giving you this weeks News Report. This week we had a short week and we are now in week 2 term 4 this year as gone really fast and next year we will all be year 6. We have just gotten back from the school holidays and we have had Monday off school because it was labour day.On Tuesday room 17 18 went to Papamoa  library at 9:00 it can take about 15 minutes to walk over there with 67 of us and five parents.When we get to the library we all go down to the mat we have 20 minutes to look for some books.Did you know that you can get books out with no library card all you need to do is make a password and put in your pin code it is as simple as that.Going to the library with the class is fun we get fresh air and learn the ways of how to walk on the footpath with 66 different people sometimes it can take forever to walk there and back again we miss out on most of morning tea but thats fine with us all. When we got back from the library it was morning  tea time and everyone was running around like little lambs.After the bell rang room 17 had P.E and room 18 stayed inside and did spelling for half the block and then we all changed around then it was lunch time all the seniors went out to play and the years 1,2,3 all ate there lunch you are probably wondering why it is like this and it is because we are nearly reaching 700  kids.After lunch we did some of our Diwali chase we have been working on some chase and they  are all about the world because for KFC the topic this term is around the world there’s Korea Japan Spanish, wear able arts and sign langauge this week we are starting KFC After lunch we had topic and we had to find facts about Diwali if you don’t know what Diwali is it’s  a festival that is celebrated by all of India.Then after the bell rang everyone ran out of the class with there bag out the gate and home.On Wednesday we had a  plan day all we did was maths reading and topic.On Thursday we just had a plan day and all of the same stuff.On Friday we had a busy day we had homework ,choir free time and KFC.It was Macy’s birthday and so she brought in some lollies.

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