Trinity and Isabel’s news report

Our amazing journey threw made awards

It was so exiting to here the teacher say “you girls can do made awards” “yay!” We decided to do stop bullying ” Isabel” “yes?” we need someone else to help us” “your right but who?” “what about Jalise” says Isabel ” perfect lets also do a photo essay ” sure” we say at the same time. “we grab my iPad and head to the tower for the first picture we head up Up UP the tower “hurry’ i say. “Jalise stay on that side NOT THAT SIDE” says Isabel ” “its fine Jalise just stay on this SIDE” says Trinity we get annoyed… “Jalise just leave it take the photo we are the people in the picture now”.  lets go and take the next photo “make it look like you pushed her of ok!” says Trinity. Were finished are made awards lets put it in  COLLAGE YAY. teacher here ” its to original. “Lets do why you should go to Te Akau ki Papamoa” says Jalise” Here we go again… “Jalise don’t go to the dentist to take a photo” i say ” so embarrassing” THE END FINALLY!  “JALISE YOU MOVED AGAIN” says Trinity

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