KP and Matthew D’s News Report

This week we have been learning about the Wairakei stream every day in the afternoon we learn about Wairakei. Every week we go to different classes to learn new things about Wairakei stream. (KP) For my class we did our wonderings about Wairakei that is when we ask questions about the stream here is one of my questions what does the Wairakei stream do to the world? What kind of creatures live in the Wairakei stream? Why is the water so dirty? What is the purpose of wairakei stream? Why do people litter in the stream? How did the water get there in the first place? (Matthew) In my class we went for a walk in the reserve with our iPads and we took some photos then we came back and had a look at our photos.  We put them in to a pic collage once we were done we did a pizap and did some questions one of my questions is the stream natural or man made? How clean is the water? How still is the water? We are excited to learn more about Wairakei this term!

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