Danielle and Alex’s News Report

On Wednesday the 21st of June we went to the Makerspace.

First Whaea Paula made us sit down on the mat.Then she read a book called, “Beautiful Oops!” It is about turning mistakes into art. An example is you can turn a ripped peice of paper into a crocodiles mouth.

Then we got to pick a station to work at. One of the stations are Makey Makey. It is where you have to get a fruit, then you plug cables into it. We used a lemon. Then you can make it be the mouse for the computer. We could also make a mask out of bottles and anything you can find. We could make a optical mind reading box that gets hung by nylon in a Macbook air box. You can also get a peice of paper and cut out shapes from a magazine and then write what you are on it. It was the funnest day ever I cant wait to go next Thursday again!

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