Cameron and Kingston’s News Report

Last week on Friday Whaea Hayley took her KFC group to cross fit alliance. We did a fitness session [warm up] at first, and then we got in to it. We did some workouts as in stretch, push ups and others. There is an orange square right by the weights and if you moan or complain then you will go in that square. In the square you do as many burpies as ┬ámuch as you can, Until Chas says stop. Chas is Whaea Hayley’s trainer, he was the owner of the cross fit alliance. He trained our KFC group and some of the parents that came along with our trip to the cross fit alliance. After we climbed up the ropes and climbed up as far as we could except some people but atleast they tried like me [Kingston].

From me [Kingston] and Cameron

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