Isabella and Nicola’s News Report – Week 5 Term 2

This week Rebecca Larsson the author of row row row your waka came into our class on Wednesday the 31st of may. She told us her journey about she made her fiction book. It must of took a lot persevering and patience because it took her half a year to make it! First she got inspired by a waka in Rotoroa for the bird’s waka, the ten cent coin for the taniwha, and goodnight kiwi for a page. Second she started drawing her pictures for her book, her first picture was the three birds (a kiwi, pukeko, and blue penguin) looking up at the stars. Then she met up with the man who was the author who made the wonky donkey. Then, to record the CD they went to Wellington and they went to a recording room. When they were recording it was all boys singing the song for the CD. She said you put a lot of hard work when you make a book but its also really fun. I hope you liked our news report and everyyone can be an author!

By Isabella and Nicola

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