Neeve and Nicole’s News Report

Yay last weeks attendance was amazing in Rm 17. Matua Tane presented Mauis fish hook two us.
We only get the fish hook if our attendance is the best. At hui in week 2 rm 4 got the hook.
Our class is proud to be having the fish hook with us for the week till friday then Matua Tane will give to to another classroom. In hui matua mania dressed up as maui from moana some people thought it would be the rock.He then presented it to matua tane and talked about how it would travel class to class.

Today it was cross country people were nervous excited and determind to beat there best. Year 4 boys went first then year 4 girls after the year 4s had been it was year 5 boys then us. We had a warm up then line up. As soon as the the clapper went and everything was a blur we ran like lightning round the course through the mud splosh splish round the paddock and onto the gravel path we all sprinted our hearts out when we came to the dark black fence we all new this was our chance to run to the end. after morning tea the year 1s,2s and 3s went. after that we had prizes giving in the year 5 top places was Lucca in 3rd in 2nd place was Eden then in 1st place was Sophie. in the boys was 3rd finley 2nd Tanie 1st was Vinnie.

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