Eden and Tavita’s Catchy News Report!!!

Hi guys its Eden and Tavita reporting about what we have done in whanau 17/18 so far. we are excited to show you guys our Picasso art. Picasso art is a awesome funky self portrait, and there will be fantastic pictures down below:) NO!!! this is not all we have done. We are working on letters to Haven, Haven is a cool boy that has moved to another school, and he has sent a awesome letter to whanau 17/18. So we decided to write letters to haven too. For the last few weeks we have been learning a maori song called E hika tu ake, and we are also learning how to describe class room objects in maori. Now if you parents think that Mrs K and Whaea Hayley don’t teach us maths well your wrong. To help us with our times tables we are doing a time tables wero. We do it so we can learn our 2x up to 12 divid by’s. Well thank-you for reading our massive funky awsome news report.(there will be pictures down below!)

Nga Mihi Eden and Tavita 🙂