Lily and Amber’s News Report

In a summer splash room 17/18 rolled their way to the Awesome splashing Bay Wave, on a rolling vacation bus. now on to the splashing fun, first rm 18  hoped of the bus then rm 17 hoped of! Now the storm-trooper girls  in rm 17 entered the spinning top UFO! Room 18 dropped there delicate bags onto the wet hard floor, well room 17 were strong but dry. now rm 18 ‘s strong swimming leaders safely  hopped into the warm swimming pool and called out the awesome group names but I think the names for the groups 1 2 and 3 should have cool names like, number 1 the swimming stars, group 2 the shallow leaders and group 3 should be called the swimming leaders.


Lucia and Nicole’s News Report

Hi welcome to our News Report about MakerSpace.

Hi my name is Nicole and my name is Lucia! In week 6 our classes got a chance to go to the MakerSpace with Paula in Rm 2. Everyone was so so excited!!!! Rm 17 boys and Rm 18 girls went in the second block. Rm 17 girls and 18 boys went in the last block. While they were there Hayley was doing some testing and then Mrs K showed as a maths mania and how ever got the most ways of doing it they get to have a golden cube and my group got one way and then it was hard for us to get another one done unfortunately we didn’t get the golden cube were super sad but we still did amazing

When we went there it was so so amazing and wicked!!! we had to listen for a bit and we learned this thing called STEAM it means S= Science T= Technological E= Engineering A= Art M= Mathematics. Then we got to pick what we wanted. There were three things that we could do. There were 1. Making Lego robotics. 2. Steam bins. 3. Art. They were all so good so we both picked art because we love it and we are creative.

We got to pick out of some drawings that 5 year olds did in Rm 5. We both picked a cute-looking turtle. It was really cute!!! then we got our I-pads and went on sketchbook and took a photo of the cute looking turtle. Next we had to get another layer on it and then we got to colour it in and it was like invisable. Then we looked over at the steam bin where Rylee and Sophie where trying to get the highs tower and in Rm 18 and 17 Vinnie and Taine they were doing the marball run. Lucca and Chevy they were doing lego robotics and it looked really amazing. Next time when we go there again we will be improving some stuff that we did last time!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! By Nicole / Lucia

Izzy and Caleb’s New Report

This week we have been doing some exciting work about listening to noises in our school and writing the sounds that we have heard. We also looked outside our classroom window and wrote down everything we saw. Also we have been working on our buddy poster that room 17 and 18 send to palmerston north and wellington.This was one of the questuins. What is the best part about were we live. This is the awnser we put the BEACH, because it is nice and beautiful.