Neeve and Aimee’s News Report

Hi this is Aimee and Neeve reporting for week 4 term 1 2017.
This week we have been doing kids can ride , to learn how to be extra safe on our bikes.When we started we first learnt the basic road rules and how to know if our helmets/bikes are safe.

The next day we had to do a proper bike and helmet cheek before we were able to go on the field.We have been learning our main hand signals and left and right hand turns.

On Wednesday we went out onto the field to learn our curb ride out.The curb ride out is when you ride from the footpath to the road , you need to cheek for no cars then you can safely ride onto the side of the curb.

The big days were Thursday and Friday when we went out onto the riding on the road.We had to do our curb ride out then we went riding out around Papamoa.
You may have seen kids in yellow vests bikeing around.Here are some pictures of us and some awesome people that learnt how to ride a bike.

Sofia and Rylee’s News Report

Hello Rylee and Sofia here, this weeks news reporters are here to tell you about our second week of school in rm 1718. Tuesday is our PE day and this week we did relays. We have started lots of things this week and one of them is detextive work where we read some text and then we answer some questions about the text. Also this week we did some letters to our teachers about ourself’s.